Saturday, July 28, 2007

Slave to the Word

Have you ever shined a light, down deep in your belly;
Past the esophagus and stomach; to the innards of jelly?
Or do you justifiably fear all you might find?
Let alone suffocated thoughts, trapped in your mind.

Packages beautifully wrapped, restraining a gift so dark,
Temporary relief comes when prying open your heart.
Briefly amazed at words that flow from the blood on the pen,
Lamenting the finality of your act; open hearts never mend.

Self surgery a mistake, you urgently try to stitch up the wound.
Cleaning and wiping the stains that now soil your room.
Some days are better than others, often the gash only weeps
Sorted few know the hours that a wretched writer keeps.

Now that you’ve sacrificed; baring your soul to mother earth.
You can never deny your children; the one’s you gave birth.
Can you withstand criticism, or better yet, the silence they speak?
Surrender to the demon, a slave to the words and havoc they wreak.

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