Sunday, February 24, 2008

Closing Time

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Gottfried Heinwein

She flickers her fur boa just as rehearsed,
aroused by the concept of roles reversed.
Another night at Phillies where studs are thin,
perhaps the odds will improve with a tall glass of gin.

Introductions worn thin by conversation so terse
She gathered her nerves along with her purse.
“Neither of these clods can pass minimal inspection”,
she muttered in a voice full of disdainful inflection.

Striding for the door, house-gin fueling her speech;
she grabbed one of their arms, the first within reach.
“There’s no carriage outside, and I’m no Cinderella;
but the mood has struck me for a strapping young fella!”


Bubba said...

Ha! I was always the non-strapping fella who remained sitting on the stool wondering if Denny's was still open. Cool poem... thanks!

paisley said...

i have been remiss in not adding you to my reader long ago... i apologize...

this is a brilliant piece... until i read this i will admit i was totally unmoved by this prompt... but you brought it to life in a whole new light...

Jo Janoski said...

This is fun and full of life. Enjoyed.

rch said...

hey Dan, nice one, it has a moody feel to it. Sometimes I like doing the picture prompts because it gets you thinking in different ways.

Dan said...

Bubba you're not alone, 'moon-over-my-hammy' somehow soothes the pain of being cast in the 'not even beer-goggle material' pile!

Thanks for the plug Jodie; wrestled with 'closing time' or 'last call', but neither seemed to strike my fancy.

Jo, thanks for the picture prompt. My blog would fairly empty without them.

Bob, you are far more creative than I with poetry. I love the pictures. They give me a starting point, although I always end up with somthing unexpected.

Stacey said...

Hello Dan thank you so much for looking at my Blog and for your lovely comments.
I think your poem "closing Time" is brilliant you have a great way with words Dan.
I have added your site to my Blog as a link and look forward to seeing more of your great poems.

Dan said...

Stacey, thanks for visiting and I've added your link also.

Shirley said...

Hi Dan, this is fantastic! Sorry I'm late but I've been a little busy. I love what you got from the picture...I got nothing but the word yellow!

hfurness said...

Where is this place - great image and wonderful use of words - a fan

Dan said...

Shirley, I'm just very thankful Jo finds all of these interesting paintings and pictures for prompts.

Harry, I suspect this place can found in just about any American city, on a Sunday morning about 2:00 am.