Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Speed Freak!!!

It appears my transfer suffers,
perhaps a hyper-extended byte.
No success flushing buffers;
I’ve dumped them half the night.
I see the signal sputter,
dropping packets left and right.
Streaming audio begins to stutter
as data dribbles from the pipe.

I phoned tech-support straight away,
yet my plea for assistance ended in dismay.
Can you believe he had the audacity
to speak these crushing words to me?
“Sir, I see no reason to keep you on the line
the only trouble I detect, is in the way you connect.
You’re on dial-up, and all is working fine”


hfurness said...

ya gotta get a bigger pipe, my man. Great byte and switch and take on the world at large.

ekhosama said...

May I add this blog as a link

Dan said...

Thanks Harry; nice play on words!

ekosama, you're more than welcome...link away!!

Sh said...

Hey Dan, you should try and produce a magazine with dial-up. I know where you're coming from! I spend more time waiting to work than I do working and I can watch a movie while waiting for a video to download! Great write.

Shirley said...

Hey,it took off before I could finish my name. We're getting faster Dan! The missing part is irley!

Stacey said...

Good evening Dan,
Those tech guys - dont they just drive you mad!!!! ;)

Dan said...

Hey Shirley, I can only image how difficult that would be. My delay is only for checking e-mail & blog posting.

Stacey, I was one of those tech-guys for about ten years, and I'm certain I drove many folks mad!

Bubba said...

If I had to go back to dial-up, I'd pitch my machine in the trash and call it a day. Yuck...

Dan said...

Bubba, believe me, if I had a choice things would be different. I suppose I could move into town for cable access, but I'm not sure a civilized neighborhood is ready for me.

ANNA-LYS said...

and You also got a way with words!

Stacey said...

Happy Easter Dan!

Stacey said...

Dan, thank you for your lovely comment on my poem, I have also sent you an e-mail. :)