Monday, September 1, 2008


Shining countenance emerges
baring a broad and silver stare
as a flustered mind converges
with innocuous midnight air

No resolution to world peace
intricate quandaries unresolved
but another troubled soul released
from stressful demons been absolved


Jo Janoski said...

Dan, this is beautiful. I particularly like the first verse.

paisley said...

some times i feel we will all wait till that moment to have all of the secrets of life revealed.. this was elegantly written....

Dan said...

Thanks for your kind words, ladies.

Jo said...

Hi Dan, your photo is stunning. I have trouble photographing the moon, it moves in my lens, I did try a tripod and finally got a shot. This is a good poem for 911! Adding you to my links! :)

Dan said...

The photo came from one of the free sites on the web...wish I'd taken it. I visit once in awhile and keep interesting pictures(sometimes for months), then when perusing suddenly a poem or story comes to me.

Thanks for the link, I've added you also.