Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembering The Fallen

Standing among stones in a field of rest;
white markers of strife aligned in straight rows.
Voices of past relive each bloody quest
yet honor and duty speak louder than those.

If wounds were assessed in years left behind
many expired only miles from home.
Battles were waged and heroes defined;
assuming these wars not of their own

For a lapse in time and it involved me
each would do well to shake one of their hands.
Blessed by these warriors and leaders-to-be
bravely and boldly defending our lands

Our flag waves today in part by their deaths;
those fallen shall be remembered upright.
From sacrificed souls and ragged last breaths
a mighty eagle finds purpose for flight


Angel C. said...

Such strength in your words, Dan. We all tend to go about our daily lives forgetting the sacrifice made and still being made by those serving our great country. My favorite lines were "yet honor and duty speak louder than those." and "a mighty eagle finds purpose for flight." Those say it all. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

this sent chills down my spine the way the sounding of Taps always does...

punatik said...

I emailed my uncle today. He fought in the pacific during WWII. He really appreciated it. Thanks for taking the time to remember our Veterans Dan.

Dan said...

Angel, I feel a very compelling obligation to remember those of the past and present who earned and preserve our freedoms.

Nan..how does such a simple tune bring such emotion???

Puna, I'm sure your uncle was pleased. Veterans ask very little of us, considering. Only to be remembered for what they left behind.

Scott Clawson said...

What a powerful piece Dan. I remember the silent markers when I visited the American war cementary in Luxenbourge where General Patton was buried with "his men". It reminds you how many did not come home to American soil. A fitting tribute to veterans, both past and present, Dan. Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

Jo said...

A just and wonderful tribute to our fallen heroes. Yes the eagle flys forever free! Nice rhyme too!