Sunday, May 9, 2010


What a scary proposition when God himself promises pain and suffering. After the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden, God promised the miracle of birth would not be accomplished without a price. If it existed back then, I suppose it would be a perfect example of “buyer beware”—If you wish to procreate come prepared to experience the ultimate blessing and curse rolled into one.

As a male, I will not pretend to completely and accurately describe motherhood for I know it is something that cannot be fully appreciated without experience. Consider that when a woman chooses to give birth she sacrifices everything for nine months, and nearly everything for the rest of her life. All of this giving in order to produce a life outside of her own—to extend the existence of humankind for another generation.

The responsibility is awesome. During those nine months she must maintain her diet, her rest, and exercise, because these needs are no longer singular in purpose. She carries her young 24/7, no rest, no holidays, and often discomfort is the course of the day. She and the life carried within her are physically and emotionally connected. Her way of thinking changes dramatically whereby something unseen dictates her every thought and action. A motherly instinct is evolving. She will protect her young with a ferocity that is otherwise not in her nature. Soon, preparation of a nest begins; a nurturing environment that will satisfy and comfort the miniature life placed in her care.

When the birth is complete and the umbilical cord severed little if anything changes. The connection made is permanent. A mother will never see a child more beautiful than her own, will never let a cry or skinned knee go unattended, and will do everything in her power to shield them from the harsh ways of the world. She will answer calls in the night, scrub vomit from bed-clothes and sheets, and settle in a rocking chair with the love of her life coddled close to her bosom. With hearts in synch she will sing a sweet lullaby until the words have soothed the hurt away.

These loving actions do negate or minimize a father’s involvement. The raising of a child must involve a balanced approach, but the connection with a mother can never be replaced.

A mother’s life is full of firsts; first tooth, first word, first step, first haircut, first day of school, first date, first breakup, and on and on. A mother cannot help but wish for a child’s success in life and each of these milestones is a step in a positive direction. When they prepare to leave home and forge a life of their own, she hopes that she has prepared them well.

Have you ever considered where you might be without the influence of your mother, wife, or grandmother? It seems grossly inadequate that we should set aside a single day for the women that have so positively impacted our lives. As humans, mothers are not perfect, but I’m confident that the world would be a lesser place without the unconditional love they instill in our hearts and minds.
At whatever point you are in your life, whichever corner of the world you call home, make the phone call, a visit, or even a prayer if she has gone before you. Before the day is through, tell her how much you appreciate her sacrifice, that you would not be half the man or woman you are today if she had not set aside the lion’s share of her heart for you.


Jo Janoski said...

Thumbs up!

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No mother could have said it better! Thanks, Dan.

Nan J said...

:) Moms usually know their kids think it, but it's really nice to see it in print.

Thanks, Dan...

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Eloquently Said!!

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