Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Found on wings of flightless birds.
In trusting hearts that remain broken.
On lips of unspoken words.
In mouths of words harshly spoken.

On frost covered wings of butterflies.
In hands not seeking the company of another.
In potential, stifled and unrealized.
In deeds undone, relating to others.

In hesitant feet, afraid to reach the dance floor.
In unchallenged minds not seeking a cause.
In journeys not ventured, lost for evermore.
In lives perpetually stuck on pause.


Boneheadtv said...


Thank you for sharing this poem.
I enjoyed its contents.

It reminds us not to leave things that we should have done or said undone.

Dan said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting. It's funny how the older we get and further away from our poor choices, the clearer the mistakes become.