Friday, September 28, 2007


This piece was prompted after reading comments on a poetry blog. I can't even remember the exact argument it was so drawn out and convoluted......something to do with the poetic process. The discussion eventually turned into personal attacks in regards to their poetic abilities! Can't we just enjoy each individual contribution for its strengths and weaknesses and not find fault with whatever process inspires each of us?

Much of what I read today
Seems garble in fancy dress
Feces wrapped in pretty foil
Failing to impress

Peeling back pretty wrap
Unveiling layer by layer
Disappointed with the crap
Wafting through the air

Both arguments reduced
Down to chalky bones
Left me feeling amply soiled
With their condescending tones


rch said...

I like it! How about 'Spewage' for a title? Keep up the great work, your class seems to be paying off.


Dan said...

Rob, sounds like a great title. I'm changing it now. Thanks!

writerwoman said...

The second stanza is my favorite one in this piece.

robownes said...

Brave poem and commentary. Why is it that we creatives not only tend so strongly toward insecurity, but seem to feel the need to express it through attacking someone else's creativity?

If one looks upon poetry as a science, then one can analyse it as "good or bad" because of x or y. However, poetry, by its very nature, cannot be analysed scientifically. Scientific analysis requires that something be reproducable, that the same actions will consistently result in the same end. Any definition of creativity surely has to be pretty much the opposite of that. Creativity aims to change the rules, try something new, and hopefully not do it in the same way next time round. The aim of poetry, or any other creativity, is not a perfect end-product, but the creative process that expresses the image of creative God within us. (Whether we believe in Him or not)

Dan said...

rowbownes, I don't recall what either of these jokers said, but I like your premise