Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finally Finished

With any luck my hiatus from posting has come to an end. A frozen pipe that ruptured in my dining room ceiling drew me back into reality with about as much subtlety as a hard slap in the face on a bitter cold winter morning. Many moons later I sit in an easy-chair with cool drink in hand, absorbing the ‘fruits of my labor’.

This room was next on my 'list to be remodeled', but it seems mother-nature forced my hand. Truth be known, the ‘sterile-white’ motif had lost its appeal some time ago, and manly as I am, hesitantly I admit the new color scheme was of my own choosing (please no calls for decorating advice).

Hopefully this finds all of you well, in cyber-land and more importantly in the real world.


Shirley said...

And it looks beautiful, warm and cozy. Great job Dan!

Dan said...

Thanks Shirley. Comfort is key. What is a house if it isn't a home?

Stacey said...

It looks lovely Dan, well done! :)