Monday, July 7, 2008


Hanging by a thread
conscience full of dread
searching for a trace
of my recently misplaced

Never had I known
that being fully grown
in my anxious mind
a job could so define

It now seems quite a blur
this unbecoming stir
perspectives gone askew
in how I choose to view

My shrink suggests I chill
and prescribes another pill
to ease my troubled mind
in hopes that I may find

The doctor claims success but I surely must digress
my wife holds reservations about these medications
although it seems I’ve long forgot what it was I sorely sought
side effects are rarely known yet I parade about my home
at every waking chance in multicolored underpants


Jo Janoski said...

I dunno--those underpants sound like something Bob would wear. Notice how I say that when he's not around.

Dan said...

They are Bob's...he didn't figure they would match the hospital gown motiff.

Jo Janoski said...

Lucky day for the nurses when he wears them instead of au naturale.

Shirley said...

Wow Dan. I knew you and Bob were tight but I didn't know you were that close! Sounds like one of the more desirable side effects if you ask me!

Dan said...

Shirley...not sure desireable is the word you were looking for. You've obviously never seen me in my underwear, and didn't know Bob is color-blind.

Shirley said...

Haha! Good point. So, you'll have to dance in your underwear in Bob's presence for me to verify this. By the way, I really like the poem. :)