Monday, July 7, 2008

Safety in Shadows

Image by: John Good - NPS Photo
“Safety in shadows” a tiny voice rose
as Mike toiled and burrowed down deep
Weary and worn are his little mouse toes
joined by his spirit from constant retreat

Haunted by mishaps involving his furriest pals
swooped up by hawks stalking the fields
They make the tastiest treats according to owls
as they sharpen their talons and beaks

Comfortable for now watching life unfold
from the safety of a burrowed nest
But jealous of stories told by mice more bold
in pursuit of insatiable quests

Then came a day when dusk settled in
Mike knew it was time to save face
But his crafty plan required a friend
which chooses to travel at a much slower pace

He meanders under his friend all dressed in gray
across perilous fields and over distant hills
For not even the bravest birds of prey
are willing to temp his poisonous quills


Jo Janoski said...

Now that's a smart mouse! Nicely done.

Stacey said...

Hi Dan,
Brilliant...loved it!
hope your well ;-D

rch said...

Hey Dan, very nice as usual. Great flow to this one, C-ya,


Dan said...

Jo, that's why I love the world of writting...even mice can have aspirations.

Thanks Stacey, I'm currently seeking meaningful employment, but I'm doing very well.

Bob, I've yet to reach 'average' by your definition, but there's something to be said for tenacity. Thanks