Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Patience is a virtue. If you recall, only a few short days ago I posted on Paula’s wardrobe malfunction and expressed my own man-pig desire that it should have been Rachael Ray in the spotlight. As I scanned the news this morning you can only imagine my disbelief when I came across an interview with Rachael in which they were discussing a little spread she did for FHM magazine some years ago (definitely not qualifying as a wardrobe malfunction).

In the vein of good reporting, and for no other reason whatsoever, I felt obligated to view the controversial pictures. By today’s standards the photos reveal nothing more of an eye-full than a casual observer might see on a public street, but it did spawn another observation. A scarce few of these celebrities are willing to do now, what they eagerly offered in the past. Perhaps the inconsistency that wafts through the air is an aroma completely fabricated in my own mind, but just maybe a quick paycheck in the past pales in comparison to jeopardizing a multi-million dollar contract of today.


Bob said...

Of course, you beg the question correctly, but I suspect that many celebrities from various 'show biz' industries claim skeletons in their closets. More to the issue, do you think that turkey is ready to pull out of the oven? I hope dear Rachel has properly tested it with her trusty meat thermometer before serving it... I wouldn't want anyone to get salmonella poisoning. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge) What a cutie!

Jo Janoski said...

Oh you silly guys! You just pinch the thigh and see if it's ready...Not Rachel, the turkey!

Lisa Allender said...

This is so funny!
My Dad says Rachael Ray is his fav chef, too, but I doubt that it's because of her set of recipes! ;)

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise Rachael Ray was so hot. WOW. I bet red-blooded males everywhere are wishing she'd baste their turkeys. LMAO.