Wednesday, March 25, 2009


An eastern sky gives birth to an orange glow and life stirs at horizon’s edge. The promise of day sprouts from the ashes of night. Yet neither night nor day is given to a jealous heart; a wise man realizes they are forged from equal virtue. Today I shall not pass on what lies before me, for it is real. I will sip from its beauty and its sustenance shall sate my ravenous soul. Only the bitter arms of regret will greet a man who waits for tomorrow.

Shadows, slender and frail, seek the seclusion of the woods. Two rolling giants appear before me, never greener or livelier except in the reflection of yesterday’s eye. Twin hillsides careen against one another, entwined like lovers; never less but always more, for content hearts will never know lust for another. Their forbidden dance continues mysteriously below the waterline, but should all things be revealed in one day?

On a journey towards tomorrow the swirling breeze shatters the glass surface into a thousand diamonds, each casting a prism as unique and fleeting as a single moment in time. Hand over hand they pass the baton in a relay to reach the distant shore. Sliding—gliding, never doubting their buoyancy.

A somber rustling of reeds, like the strings of a bass, accompany top-heavy cattails as they waltz to the sweetness of summer’s song. Sorrow-laden branches droop in an irreversible arc. What has she seen that causes the willow to weep? Even the bird cloaked in black is given to song once he discovers the blessing of red on his brother’s wing. He speaks with conviction to his reflection, but only the wind should decipher the words of his heart. Man would only find burden with such knowledge.

I shall become a fixture upon this shore for no commitment is greater than this Eden lying before me. Better I should gouge out my eyes than to offend my maker by dismissing the work of his hands. Perhaps somewhere in the vastness of time there awaits a more perfect union, but more likely it is myth, spun from the silken cobwebs of illusive dreams.


Selma said...

WOW. This is like a meditation to be said at sunrise. Such beautiful imagery with the twin hillsides careening and the wind deciphering the words of his heart.

Makes me realise I should appreciate the beauty in every day.

Jo Janoski said...

Wow!...from my corner, too. This prose is so moving it fulfills like poetry.

Jo A. T.B. said...


This piece is certaily one of your best. I love this line especially:

" I will sip from its beauty and its sustenance shall sate my ravenous soul."

I often feel this way when I walking as if I walking in Heaven! Much wisdom lies in your words. I agree with Jo very moving!

Shirley said...

Hi Dan...this is poetry in motion and emotion! Simply beautiful!

cordieb said...

This is so beautiful, and there is much wisdom in these words. The beauty and bounty of this world is awe inspiring in and of itself; how dare us to long for anything more! This poetic story is absolutely amazing. . . it's modern day Psalms.

terrymcdermott said...

This was beautiful!

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