Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Writers Island ----------- Haunted Hearts

Full moon ushers Hallow’s Eve
Midnight hangs like silent death
A shallow grave now relieved
Exhales spirit through ghastly breath

Rotting patiently in hallow ground
Relished thought of settled scores
You hear the hell-sent frightful sounds
As she claws outside your door

The bullet riddled bride
Has come for better or worse
Enacting vows denied
Just as she’d rehearsed

Murdered by her hopeful groom
Blood now seeping from the floor
Crimson flow surrounds the room
Joining souls forevermore

Calculations quite amiss
She slowly pulls you down
Sealing union with a kiss
Tonight you’ll join her in the ground


paisley said...

dang... she really pissed him off didn't she??????

keith hillman said...

Can't beat a happy ending! Loved it.

writerwoman said...

Wow, spooky! Perfect for this time of year.

Pam Aries said...

WHOA ho! I loved this poem! So creepy! !

paris parfait said...

A very spooky poem - I'm left wondering why her "hopeful" groom murdered her? And the "relished thought of settled scores" is a great line.

tumblewords said...

Ouch. Looking for love in all the dark places. Terrific writing...

gautami tripathy said...

I wrote something like this long time back. Love does have darker shades.

Dan said...

Paisley, suppose justice is found eventually. Keith, not sure the ending is happy, you must be an optimist! Sarah, thanks for your comments. Pam, what is Halloween without a little creeping out. Paris, perhaps afraid of commitment? Tumblewords, love your "looking for love in all the dark places." Gautami, sometimes the darker places need light shed upon them.