Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Writers Island --- Message in a Bottle

Me sea-farin’ soul cries out
For a gallows bird am I
Viewing justice served askew
Through one discerning eye

Once captain of a pirate ship
Seeking fortune in foreign lands
Destined for a watery grave
Delivered by scurvy hands

Instead I’ll swings in arid breeze
Only dreamin’ of Davey Jones
While forsaken land-lovin’ birds
Pluck cured flesh from me bones

Alas, me soul met with dignity
Sailing free the frothy foam
If me glassy vessel runs ashore
Return her swiftly to me home

If you choose to ignore
This captains’ final request
May the curse of skull and crossbones
Ensure your painful death


gautami tripathy said...

That curse..ah..

What else can you expect from a pirate captain..:D

UL said...

Pirates and ships, I have found a treasure here. Thanks for sharing.

paris parfait said...

Nice to hear a pirate's perspective! Well done, you!

paisley said...

dan this was awesome... i love it,, the dialect the cadence... perfection...

tumblewords said...

The sound is so pirate-like. Can hear the voice and see the picture. Neat!

Gilson said...

I like the feeling of the words. It shows a lot of character!

renee said...

ahoy matey..deadman's chest and all of that..recently found writer's island and what a bunch of great writers!!...yes, and you too..your phrases brought pictures of a time long ago and the sound of sea to my ears...littlewing

Dan said...

Thanks for all of your encouragement. I had a lot of fun wiht the pirate theme.

Scott Clawson said...

Aaaarrr Matey! Dead man's bones tells no tales, unless he has an empty bottle of rum and a scap piece of parchment! Awesome piece! Very well done.

Anonymous said...

Dan, this is fantastic and so imaginative. You got the diction and the cadence down so well. For a minute I thought I was reading something out of Treasure Island. Very well done, and truly unique.