Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Writers Island --------Dreams For Sale

Better times ahead I pray
Regarding those with fiery eyes
Trampled colleagues pave the way
For those willing to compromise

Youthful thoughts do fuel
Such aspirations sought in vain
Once I too was made a fool
By an winless corporate game

Perhaps it only seems
Those with lofty goals
Have sold their tainted dreams
To those with empty souls


paisley said...

i am sickened by our societies bleeding lips and money grubbing hands,, "go green" they say as they reach for their prada wallet.......

Lea said...

Where do tainted dreams and empty souls go... great post.

tumblewords said...

Interesting. Tainted dreams, empty souls. Remarkable words for repugnant realities.

Mary Timme said...

I liked Tumblewords comment as I think she hit what I'm thinking. Surely a powerful piece of writing.

UL said...

I loved those last two lines on dreams and souls, how true and to the point...these days even dreams are for sale, you got it spot on. Thank you.

Dan said...

Whoa, Paisley, sounds like I struck a raw nerve. Lea, tumblewords,Mary...thanks for your comments. UL, I wanted to express the thought that many decide no compromise is too great when it comes to a career.