Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To Be Your Own God

What a presumptuous notion
To be your own God
Devoid of devotion
Unless to weave a facade

Perhaps a big bang
Was responsible for creation
Or from a monkey sprang
Your genetic mutation

Such supposition I do believe
Requires a faith equal to mine
How does one likely perceive
Themselves as purely divine?

Establishing rules as you falter
Stumbling blindly through life
As for me, I’ll kneel at the alter
Praying for those so blithe


Shirley said...

Hi Dan, Don't you think it's more that people have lost faith in the churches and clergy than in the concept of God? Good piece.

Dan said...

Although I believe it's more popular to be an aethiest these days, I'm certain a large portion of society has lost faith in the clergy and organized religion.

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