Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Chuch God Intended

The church I attend is currently transitioning from a building that was erected in the late 1800’s. Understandably some of the older members hate to see us leave this facility, but in time have come to understand we must.
Today marked the final farewell service and I had been asked by our pastor to write a poem for the occasion.
Ornate and sparkling from the outside
like the golden cup our Master did warn.
A church should reflect the contents inside;
a tapestry weaved, not easily torn.

Souls come unraveled revealing frayed cords
results of this world now and forever.
Yet through the grace of our savior and lord
he is the tie that binds us together

Structures erode like the fleeting of time
but not so the promise of salvation.
The church we desire and of God’s design
shall transcend a specific location.

Closing a chapter, writing another
guided by virtue of God’s holy hand.
Unions between our sisters and brothers,
the only church that God ever planned.


Jo Janoski said...

Beautiful, Dan! I love the first verse, in particular.

paisley said...

i went into this poem with an attitude,, as i cannot fathom a god of any intelligence being anything but pissed at man and what he has done in the name of organized religion...

but i must say i was soothed by the last two lines... as i think they emphasis the true meaning of divinity,, and leave the notion of church and/ or religion in the dust....

Unions between our sisters and brothers,
the only church that God ever planned.

Dan said...

Thanks Jo. I'm not sure it's beautiful, but it does accurately describe what a church is to me.

Jodi, I appreciate your honesty as always.
I certainly don't believe that God is pleased by the evil done under the umbrella of religion, but I also believe he has given us free will to choose our own paths, even if they don't coincide with his wishes for us.

Rex Cox said...

Thanks for your comment on my poem...and I truly liked the sentiment of this verse you've written...much of it reflects my own beliefs.

Stacey said...

Good evening Dan,
When I was reading this I could really feel the passion you have for your church....

It's difficult for anyone to have change in their life, but harder for the older members as it's somewhere they have been used to for so many years...I am sure they will settle very soon.. lovely post Dan ;-D