Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am....

a bird with clipped wings
a robin without voice
a harp with no strings
a decision without choice

a salmon seeking a stream
a diamond without reflection
a player cut from the team
a compass without direction

this life that I’ve led
from the day conceived
ensures that I’m dead
without having breathed


paisley said...

i freaking know that feeling so well... i have just spent the better part of the last year there... and let me tell you,,, i am feeling the fog lift... baby steps... but it is so much better than no steps at all......

this was a very intimate write... i really enjoyed it.

Dan said...

Thanks Jodi. Although I've been to these places it's never lasted more than a couple of days. Actually I wrote this with my sister in mind. She has suffered with depression and some type of axiety disorder for many, many years.

Dan said...

This is a test. I'm not receiving e-mail notification when comments are being posted.

Jo Janoski said...

Very sad, very somber. The first stanza is outstanding. Certainly you get your message across.

Dan said...

This served as a reminder that although I sometimes complain I'm actually very blessed.