Saturday, May 17, 2008

Government for the People?

Perhaps the skepticism and nagging concern many folks have voiced about a reversal in regards to the most recent decision regarding same sex marriage in California has a valid basis. The fact remains that the people of California voted for a referendum banning same-sex marriage. My angst does not lie with this decision in particular, but the troubling trend of Supreme Court rulings that run contrary to the will of the people as a whole and routinely run afoul of precedence. Especially in the ninth circuit court where they have an inordinate number of cases reversed every year by the United States Supreme Court.

This is nothing new. Our country has been held hostage by special interest groups for years and I see no radical change on the horizon. It’s just that today, as I fill up at $3.97 a gallon, that I’ve had my fill and am looking to mount my soapbox.

Let’s take Al Gore for example. That’s ‘Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore. Give me a break! The only ‘green’ he’s concerned about is the lining of his pockets. Are we to believe that his heart is simply in the right place when we learn that this campaign has increased his net worth by nearly a hundred million? How quickly would gas drop closer to $2.00 a gallon if this nation showed serious intentions of tapping into our own resources, primarily A.N.W.R. Does it not seem hypocritical, to anyone except for myself, that President Bush is asking the Saudi’s to increase their oil output while we allow special interest to impede any progress we could make in our own nation? Yes, you can curse ‘big oil companies’ for profiting from these ridiculous gas prices, but the two largest pieces of the pie are the oil producers and our friendly local and federal government, who take a tidy sum of taxes from each of those gallons we pump and have no expenses involved whatsoever.

How about imminent domain? I’m not a betting man, but I’d like to see the government put that to a vote by the people. How many takers will vote for the government to be allowed to offer a ‘fair market value’ for your property in order to run it over with a bulldozer?

Lest I run on forever I’ll not get started on the fallacious argument of gun control relating to a reduction in crime. For now I’ll step from the box and smile brightly about the prospect of paying a higher percentage of my paycheck to bolster current and fund new failed government run programs.


Jo Janoski said...

I can't figure out how everybody sez "Close the borders!" and also "Stop exporting our jobs!" and it's like we're all just talking to the walls. Nobody listens!

Dan said...

The definition of an endangered species: an elected official that listens and acts upon his/her constituent's voices and concerns.