Monday, October 13, 2008


(Painting by by Edouard Manet--Bar at the Folies-Bergere-1882)

Sweet Molly, with recent knowledge
I regret this awkward retraction.
Perhaps it best you forget my face
and continue your life of distraction.

Drunken patrons and friendly breasts
I believe shall make for discontent.
Only a fool would offer to buy
the goods so many cheaply rent

My dear Charles, you are but a fool
with these haughty words you speak.
At the risk of sounding semi-cruel
your offer is my third this week.

Spirits and breasts; a smashing combination
that fill my coffers right proper.
Perhaps it comes as stark revelation
I’ve no use for a snob or a pauper.


shir said...

Ha! No roses here! I hadn't noticed the breasts til you mentioned them! Good angle! :)

Dan said...

Shirley, that's cause they were hiding behind a bouquet of flowers

Jo Janoski said...

I love this little repartee. I think Molly has it right. Charles is a snob and a maybe even a pauper who can't afford the goodies!

punatik said...

Hi Dan, I thought I'd stop by for a visit, and I'm glad I did. As a former frequent patron of such establishments, I got to see the little dramas often. You have captured the vibe very well. I enjoyed this one very much.

paisley said...

oh that is so right on.. i loved it!!!!

hfurness said...

that's what I talking about - "friendly breasts" and "drunken patrons"... That's my kind of place. great capture - you place the reader right there. Your verse matches this great picture. thanks

Anonymous said...

Whoooop!!! Love it!!! Go Molly!

Dan said...

Thanks all. This one was for the independent ladies. As my wife and sister were growing up, their mother used to tell them, "Just be your own woman!!"