Friday, October 24, 2008


A table set for guests
yet only empty chairs.
Missing invitations
explain my dark despair.

What use is a fist-full of todays
if tomorrow never comes?
Uninfluenced by the sway
of a distant setting sun.

Opportunities expire
like a feast in the heat.
Nutrition turns to poison
on the heels of timid feet

Words remain unspoken
deeds mere infant thought.
Alone I bear the burdens
of this lesson time has taught.


hfurness said...

Whoa, very grabbing. Well put, as usual. There really only is the moment and we should always share the best.

Jo Janoski said...

Ouch! This hits home with me--all the dinner invites I never issued because I'm "busy."

Stan Ski said...

Lack of urgency is often 'justified' by saying we have better or more important things to do - then we realise.

Jo said...

Love your poem Dan, life's lessons are written all over this!

Rob Kistner said...

We are only guaranteed today -- tomorrow may never come... so share the love in the moment!

A bittersweet bit of verse...

Dan said...

Thanks for visiting Stan. We 'justify' many things in our minds, don't we?

Jo, I find as the years pass lessons come flooding back. Perhaps it's the difference is that I'm willing to listen now.

No truer words are spoken, Rob. We draw our minutes from a finite pool, never expecting a drought.