Sunday, October 19, 2008


Jeune Fille Vert by Tamara de Lempicka
The designer had to be proud. Only an artist with imagination could transform a sheer piece of lime cloth on a bolt, into such a magnificent display. Green was perhaps the perfect choice, inspiring envy among the crowd that had gathered to ogle. While women recoiled and hissed, the gentlemen envied the dress itself, clinging so closely to her dangerous curves.

Soft lines of an innocent face seemed to contrast a body that knew much more. Those full lips had surely experienced more than daddy’s cheek. Perhaps the white hat was selected to add a touch of sophisticated elegance or was it merely a feeble attempt to tame her ferocious bedroom eyes? Was this the beginning of an endless day spent under searing lamps and clicking camera shutters, or had she slinked from an alley after a lust-filled night serving the perverted needs of a community?

No one knew for certain from which side of town she came, but she had unquestionably arrived and stirred passionate reactions. There was no doubt the mannequin in Neiman Marcus’ window had never looked finer.


Jo Janoski said...

OOOOH! Ya got me! I love the ending. Btw, check the first sentence. I think you may have left out a word.

Dan said...

You are correct, Jo. Makes for difficult reading when some of the words are missing!

Shirley said...

Bravo! And that color looks so good on your background. Who'da thunk it?

kheywood said...

You got me too, Dan! "Intriquing" indeed!

And that Jo, they don't call her Ms. Editor for nothing!

Anonymous said...

HA! Never saw it coming! :) :) good one Dan

Dan said...

Shirley, why am I the last to know? I visited my web page from another computer and found out how horrible my background was. On my 10+ year old monitor it appeared brown!

Can't slip anything past Jo, Karen....I tried.

Nan, glad you shared the surprise. Your Snoopy icon brings back fond memories of past.

paisley said...

excellent curve!!! this was great!!