Saturday, December 29, 2007


Today I battle with words and rhyme
perhaps I’m merely biding time.
My mind says I’d be better of
studying Mozart or Barishnikoff.

I must admit a mind obtuse
seems unlikely to produce
a single word fit for muse.

It’s time for me to wave the flag
and give my mind a pass.
Reminds me when I sit to poop
and only pass some gas.


Bubba said...

May I suggest that you allow the muse to supply the words rather than vice versa?

Dan said...

Good point Bob! At first I thought you were advising against looking for inspiration during my time on the toilet. Wouldn't be the first time I was accused of 'talking out my ass'!

Jo Janoski said...

Hey, I get some of my best ideas on the "throne."

Dan said...

Jo I'm certain in some circles our comments would border on 'too much information', but here you'll be glad to know your comments brought on a huge chuckle!!

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