Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Mother's Eyes

As a child I failed to recognize
the glimmer in my mother’s eyes.
A glint that surely did foresee
Dreams of what she hoped I’d be.

Although I feel I’ve let her down
I remain a jewel atop her crown.
No deed too dim nor choice askew
could cast a shadow in her view.

Time spared the eyes, her greatest sense
but claimed her mind as recompense.
Without the thoughts provoked by sight
insightful eyes closed dark as night.

I pretend today is just the same
although she can’t recall my name.
I stroke her hand and attempt to find
a way inside her troubled mind.

One lucid moment; the end is near,
her broken thoughts now crystal clear;
“Son, these tired eyes now plainly see
you’ve become twice the man
I’d hoped you’d be.”


Bubba said...

This is beautiful, Dan. Anyone touched by Alzheimer's should read it.

Dan said...

Bob, your piece regarding Alzheimer's inspired me to write this. So here's to you!!

Bubba said...

I'm honored, Dan... I honestly am. Thank you and Happy Holidays...

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