Thursday, December 27, 2007

Saturday Night

Piano Man II by Justin Bua
What kinda fool
keeps a poundin’ dem keys?
I smiles wit a wink,
“One dat makes his own rules
and does as he please.”

Da blind cat in da back sees
what keep dis man’s heart thumpin’,
is crawlin’ all over dem keys
when folks starts to jumpin’.

Fingers a dancin’,
like dey got nothin’ to prove;
the floor starts to shakin’
as dey findin’ der groove.

Ole girl on da floor
shakin’ all dat she got.
Da owner steps in,
“Crack da front door
she gettin’ too hot!

Someone get ‘er a chair
‘for she takes to a stroke!
Dis music slicin’ da air
known to kill regular folk.

Boy throwin’ down dat tune
damn straight can play.
Good thang he don’t croon
I’d lose more folk this way.

I done told ya, one of dese nights
we gonna push it too far
folks swingin’ from lights
goin’ burn down dis ole bar.”


paisley said...

das what i'm tawkin about!!!!!!

HouseMouse said...

Wow, dat was way cool Dan!

Bubba said...

Word, dude... word.

Jo Janoski said...


Dan said...

At first I believed the 'piano man' appeared to be sad, but upon closer examination it seemed like his smirk was hiding a story.
Thanks for reading, all.