Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Minute Challenge--------Christmas Cheer

I know some lack a little cheer
this time of year.
My heart goes out
to those without.

Searching my soul for joy to share
I find some spare.
There is no fee;
the cheer’s on me.

This year I’m blessed with great excess.
I must confess
I’m glad it’s free
to share my glee.


paisley said...

well you mastered it wonderfully...

Shirley said...

Bravo're right, it's never as easy as it looks but you did a beautiful job and with such an upbeat message!

Jo Janoski said...

Yes! Perfect form and even better message!

Dan said...

Thanks ladies for your ecouraging words. You're far too generous in regards to mediocrity.

Bubba said...

Hey, Dan, you show much wisdom in a few words. Very nice job...

snore stop said...

Very good poem.Thanks ladies for your ecouraging words.