Friday, June 27, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

My mother used to say
via quite a spiel
“Don’t you believe in fairies?
Why can’t you see they’re real?

Suspending disbelief
lying just beyond the brink
if fairies did exist
I’d prefer their wings were pink

I’d mold her from the heavens
if the sprite was a she
what a spectacle of galaxies
my pretty nymph would be

Twinkling stars for eyes
a comet tail for hair
“Angelic are her features”,
say all that stop and stare

Of this fairy I’ve created
Mom would likely sigh and frown
for as you can plainly see
she wears no silken gown


paisley said...

that because she is a big girl fairy,, and big girl fairies are only visible to big boys.... and everybody knows,,, big boys don't give a hoot about fashion....

Dan said...

Good point, Jodi. Sounds like you've done your homework on fairies.

Jo Janoski said...

Aside from the fact your fairy wears no clothes, this is a beautiful poem.;)