Friday, June 13, 2008


Oh cobbled road of stone
you answered desperate cries
leading from this home
you prevented my demise

Oh winding road of stone
your paths are so diverse
they guide me far from home
these roads I have traversed

Oh solid road of stone
companion true indeed
for years without a home
you served my every need

Oh weary road of stone
with keen and seeing eyes
my loneliness for home
exceeds my weak disguise

Oh friendly road of stone
and healer of direction
will you guide me to my home
which alludes my recollection


Jo Janoski said...

What is it about cobblestone streets that touch a person? I have the same feelings your poem expresses...that idea that they are bigger than life and meant to be followed, like they're magical. Am I rambling?

Dan said...

I think you're right, Jo. It seems all of the cities that have any remaining attempt to keep them repaired for historical reasons.

I don't think you're rambling, but look at my posts. Who am I to judge??

Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

Hi Dan..
I love the words in this poem,...

"Oh solid road of stone
companion true indeed
for years without a home
you served my every need"

It's really very powerful. Hope your well Dan, take care ;-D

P.S sorry about the deleted comment, I did it by error :-o

K.C. said...

Just popping in... Loved your comment on Stacey's post about Vegas...

And coming in and seeing this poem and it was truly captivating. Gave me goosebumps. So well written... Kayce

Shirley said...

Beautiful! In a nearby town they are actually tearing up the cement sidewalks and replacing them with brand new stone sidewalks. It really does add a touch of nostalgia although there's nothing like the real thing! Hey, now I'm rambling!