Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweet Temptress

Sweet temptress of the day
you bring forth deep desire
with your svelte and sultry way
you lure him near the fire

With silken touch and graceful state
your passion penetrates his will
beyond those smoldering eyes of slate
lie voids no mortal man can fill

Encompassed in your velvet dreams
his writhing soul finds sweet escape
bitter sweet her temptress scream
as he assaults her ashen nape

When evil reigns and lust arrives
with bloodshot eyes she stalks her prey
now living as the queen of lies
no longer temptress of the day


Shirley said...

Ouch…A painful trip to the blood bank!

paisley said...

there is something utterly sensual about a vampire isn't there?? i don't know what it is... maybe it is the eternity,, maybe it is the blood.. but something very very sensual about the whole idea... in my book anyway.....

Jo Janoski said...

Ever since I read Interview with a Vampire I've had a real thing for vampires. I'm their biggest fan. I wish I could be that good of a writer to instill such loyalty in a reader...but I digress...

Dan said...

Don't most folks hate giving blood, Shirley?

I agree Jodi. I prefer to view vampires as top end predators rather than high functioning parasites.

Jo, I usually stay away from vampire books...seems like every author has at least one on the subject.