Friday, June 27, 2008

The Door of Tomorrow

She knocks upon tomorrow’s door
weak and weary from the fray
gathering arms from future store
to battle demons here today

Clashing with agents of time
reluctant to extend life’s lease
serving penance without a crime
a sentence without release

Pale blue eyes have seen too much
vibrant curls reduced to skin
the smile belies her fevered touch
and the raging beast within

She borrows strength without remorse
choosing hope over sorrow
trusting in an altered course
through the power of tomorrow


paisley said...

i am speechless.. what more can i say... i will never understand...

rch said...

My prayers go out to those so afflicted. Very powerful and well written Dan, Take care,


Jo Janoski said...

Oh my! Like Jodi, I'm speechless. This touches me on so many levels.

b said...

So so heart aches.


Shirley said...

There's a piece of your heart in this one, my friend.