Saturday, January 12, 2008


Bob Hazelton at is a master with word, cadence, and rhyme. Sometimes his work is shallow and funny, other times he poses profound questions, but never does his work fail to inspire me. A recent post prompted me to respond with my version of a continuation.

Somewhere we find a concession
between the head and the heart.
Without a forthright confession
A brain has nowhere to start.

Yet a heart with no reigns
will find a treacherous trail.
Feelings, tempered with brains
seems the least likely to fail.


Bubba said...

I think rch will like this... nice job, Dan.

Dan said...

Hope so.

Shirley said...

A really nice ending Dan. Bob is definitely an inspiration to all who take the time to read his work.

rch said...

Hey Dan, sorry I was a little busy. I really like your poem a lot, it takes it to the next level. And I am really honored and embarassed by your kind and generous words, thanks for that! You are getting better every day and I'm glad we linked up. Keep the ink flowing my friend,