Wednesday, January 9, 2008


A greenish haze now looms large;
the atmosphere thick and dense.
Thunderheads hover supercharged
coiled and willing to dispense.

Brilliant spears of white hot light
searing towards the helpless ground;
Unleashed in deadly sonic flight
blowing by the speed of sound.

Nature’s wrath is all aglow;
electric beast bares her fangs.
Blinding arcs lead off the show
followed by thunderous bangs.

Heed the warning at my insistence;
she takes the path of least resistance.
Bar your windows and your door
I’m certain an encore is in store.


Bubba said...

Wow! Your words carry the energy of the storm! Very good! One little nit... in the next to last line, do you mean "Bar your windows and your door"?

Maybe I'm wrong... either way, it's a great poem!

Dan said...

Bob...I certainly did. Haste makes waste...Can 't get nothin' over on you!! Thanks my friend