Friday, January 11, 2008

One of a Kind

Portrait of a Woman in a Large Hat by
Amedeo Modigliani
Standing before the glass
behind the dressing room door.
This wonderful hat exuded such class;
why hadn’t she purchased before?
The shadows it created were simply divine.
Could a woman pass on something so fine?

It flattered and catered her every pose;
accentuating her emerald green eyes
while disguising the length of her nose.
Her forgotten beauty was suddenly realized.
She gathered her things and went up to pay,
“Such a fabulous hat, I must have it today!”

She strolled to the register as proud as a bird,
in possession of the splendid, magical hat.
A blood-curdling scream was all that was heard.
For another in line was holding the very same hat.
“I wouldn’t wear that in the house, let alone outside;
I hope it rots on your head!” the crushed woman cried.


Jo Janoski said...

What a great take on the picture! And I guess you know we women really think that way. [Embarrassed grin].

Dan said...

Vicious stereo-type(with a grain of truth, maybe), but I'm certain it doesn't apply to you JO :-)

Bubba said...

The last line makes it an instant classic. I'm now imagining a cat-fight of epic proportions, I gotta go... 8>)

Dan said...

Bob, I can imagine nothing so egregious, as another lady trying to buy this ladies hat. You know there was a 'cat fight' brewing!

Shirley said...

Well, I say if there are two ladies that actually want that hat they deserve what they get! Good job Dan.

tumblewords said...

Amazing insight and surprising take on the painting! Enjoyed!