Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shameless......That About Says it All

I was presented this award from Jo at Jo Janoski’s Blog. The recipient is tasked with listing three things that they believe make writing good and powerful before passing the award along to five other people:
The following things make writing good and powerful:
1. Capturing of the imagination, having the ability to transport someone to another place and time.
2. Detailed description. A reader needs to be able to visualize a character, situation, or scene.
3. A good writer will not stay in the comfort zone of writing only what they know. They will move on to foreign subjects, characters, or situations; if only to challenge themselves.
And finally, I present the award to these five people:
Shirley at Whispers in the Wind
Bob Hazelton at Average Poet
Sue Turner at Tumblewords
Alcoholic Poet at Alcoholic Poet


tumblewords said...

Thank you, Dan. I am honored. It may take a while to complete this assignment, but I'll give it my best shot. Thanks!

Bubba said...

Congratulations, Dan... it would seem you're starting to make your mark. Way to go!

hfurness said...

Thanks Dan, congrats to you and I am honored.

rch said...

Congrats on yours Dan and thanks for mine, I really don't deserve it but I won't take it Lion down, oh sorry that was bad.

Sara said...