Thursday, August 30, 2007

Confectioner's Dream

I’m quickly consumed by clouds of marshmallow cream;
Wandering blindly, wading a milk-chocolate stream.
I hear a small child laugh, she quickly takes my hand,
Begging for assistance in eating through marshmallow land.
Several joined us in lapping at mounds of sticky delight;
More than an hour of consuming before regaining my sight.

I watched as the children swirled down the peppermint slide;
Certain no one was looking, I snapped off a piece of the ride.
Finally appeasing my taste buds scream,
I dipped it in chocolate from the smooth flowing stream.

I followed the hard candy signs towards banana splitville.
Stepping carefully to avoid the recent hot fudge spill.
Along with two others I boarded the last banana split boat;
Briefly I considered the enchantment of a root-beer float.

I reluctantly left the land formed from a confectioners dream,
Only to hear dreadful sounds of the dentist drilling machine.
Soon he advised me I could now leave his chair;
His work finished; he'd made the necessary repair.
He warned of indulging the apparent sweet tooth I possess.
I keep my dream to myself; his diagnosis remaining only a guess


rch said...

Hey Dan, I finally made it over here to comment! I really like this one a lot because of the great imagery in the dream part and then you surprise me at the end with the dentist. Very funny and a great story too. I also own a little restaurant and the food theme is, dare I say, the icing on the cake. Thanks for the smile today, see ya,


Dan said...

Thanks Bob. It's never a bad thing if you bring someone a smile. This was a strange topic, but I figured if you are going to attempt to be a poet and writer you have to be able to tackle strange subjects.