Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hidden Ally

A continuous battle rages within troubled mind,
Uncertain at times which hand victory might find.
Mortal enemies, fully engaged, maneuvering for control,
Mind over matter, when it concerns matters of the soul.
Each with vested interest, unwilling to bow before the other.
Unaware I pray for certain outcome, “Be vigilant my brother.”


ap said...

dan, thanx for the link. i appreciate it.

you can now find a link back in my sidebar.

nice poetry you have put out here.

this line from a different post i really fancy: "Love her if you choose to; it will be strictly on her fickle terms."

wonderfully sardonic.

writerwoman said...

The fourth line and the sixth battle for being my favorite. I just can't pick.

Dan said...

Sarah, I appreciate your comments on this poem, as well as others. I love your unique style and value anything you have to say.