Friday, August 24, 2007

Wayward Lamb

O wayward lamb why must you stray?
Shadows begin to swallow the light of the day.
It’s time to come home and rest your sweet head;
Soon the herd will be safe and comfortably in bed.
One wonders what possesses his wandering wooly soul,
Unless separated from the flock is his eternal goal.

O wayward lamb why must you cause worry?
You meander over the hill and return in no hurry.
The wolves lurk in the shadows, waiting for the stray;
One leaving the group, intending to forge his own way.
Without your master watching, his trusty staff in hand,
You’d have no hope navigating the perilous world of man.

O wayward lamb why must you tarry?
A burdened soul your shepherd does carry.
You’re naive to the jeopardy of grazing alone;
Your shepherd’s hands deliver you safely back home.
He rescues you from evils you can’t comprehend,
His undying love for you has no perceivable end.

O wayward lamb your absence has caused such unrest,
But as promised, he liberated you from selfish distress.
All transgressions against sheep and your master forgiven,
Wandering tendencies from your mind have been driven.
Seeing you return to the flock, more precious than gold,
O wayward and weary lamb, it’s good to have you back in the fold.

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