Sunday, August 5, 2007

False Floors and Foundations

Celebrities, stardom, and fame; an American fable,
Like a drunken fool sitting too long at a poker table.
Fragile wings of a moth, drawn too close to the flame,
Are those desperately desiring to hear their own name.

The same paper people, cut from the same flawed stock;
Trying to distinguish themselves from an identical flock.
Attempting to be unique, in precisely the same way,
Convinced being discovered will liberate them some day.

Anxiously preparing a speech for their fifteen minutes of fame,
Unaware at sixteen, “forgotten” is now their new name.
Seeking acceptance from private clubs not soliciting members
A fire that once raged, now reduced to sad smoldering embers.

We’ve glorified themes; winning at all cost, teaching to brag,
Children wander circular paths, unable to find the checkered flag.
They return home, shattered pieces of the original sculpture,
Exhibiting failed symptoms of an increasingly failed culture.

They must learn lessons, that by now are long overdue;
Hard work and ethics; though society tells them untrue.
But where does one find theses illusive, vanishing ideals?
They insulate us against loss, when the world only steals.

Some parents befriend, thinking that’s what children desire.
A compassionate enforcer, precisely what they require.
Values and morals non-existent, nor enforceable in schools;
At home they must find consequences, for the breaking of rules.

Disappointment, anger, and pain; coping skills we must teach.
Molding of minds, before drifting beyond our short reach.
A product of what they observe, so by example, set a high bar
One that continues its course, no matter how near or how far.

Children may stray from instructions taught when their young
Cursing the ‘sadistic warden’ you’ve apparently become.
But in time they’ll return, like wandering sheep to the staff
Wishing to repay sacrifices you’ve made on their behalf.

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