Friday, August 10, 2007

Simple Man

City lights only serve, to blind me to the truth;
Participating in no expedition, seeking the fountain of youth.
I’ll gladly welcome wisdom, which comes with age.
Enjoying the freedom of nature, from outside of the cage.

No great accomplishments attached to my name.
I’ll have to take a pass on fortune and fame.
A simple man, enjoying his simplistic life,
Raising children with conscience, aside his simple wife.

I hear rumors of a ladder, where success can be found;
Yet I stand content, feet firmly planted, right here on the ground.
The crowded rungs, I’ve successfully avoided their call.
My time better spent, assisting those that inevitably fall.

While it’s true, they’re won’t be a crowd mourning my loss;
Only a few close friends, standing before a plain white cross.
I only pray the words uttered, by those that stand,

“There lies a comfortable soul, encased in a truly simple man


Lisa said...

Nice poem - it comes across as confessional in nature, which makes it interesting.

Thanks Dan for stopping by my site and for the nice comments. In answer to your question - I just go up to the UP for vacations, it's very pretty.

writerwoman said...

This is my favorite poem that I have read here so far. It is quite touching how you get inside the head of that character and his simple, beautiful life.