Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Seductive Lady

Reflections of her silhouette dancing just the same,
The moon partially responsible, for such ill-advised game.
The water apologizes, for recreating her image as cast,
Knowing she’d be offended, without first being asked.

The crescent participant quickly ducks behind a cloud
Proclaiming his innocence in a voice unusually loud.
One fell swoop; she could rip him from his celestial rest,
Not even the moon wishes to subject her patience to test.

Men desire to get close to her, feeling the magic in her touch,
Sometimes gentle caress, erupts into something quite rough.
She possesses such beautiful attire, mesmerizing all of man.
Push the romance too quickly; meet with bitter wrath of her hand.

No man will ever own her; her heavenly heart can never be earned.
Love her if you choose to; it will be strictly on her fickle terms.
The smooth lines of her curvaceous body, like that of no other;
A shame that her assets, invoke fighting amongst one another.
Certainly you’ve figured out her identity from the description above.
The gentleness and ferocity, all wrapped neatly in her package of love.

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