Saturday, August 4, 2007

Invenitable Journey

Sailing the waters; laid down by heavenly hands;
Fluidly bridging the chasms, between foreign lands.
My vessel slices the tranquility of aquamarine glass;

Trails dissolve quickly, soon after I pass.

My seafaring brother’s accompany me only a short time,
Then circle widely, sensing this battle is mine.
Wisely choosing to have no part in my desolate task,
I thank them for escort, as I put on my mask.

Further and deeper, into foreign waters I reluctantly go.
For unknown reasons my apprehensions begin to grow.
Great fear consumes me; observing the now wicked sea,
Angry teeth gnashing and lashing, wishing to devour me.

The vengeance of sky, swirls and coils, and continues to hiss.
I woefully consider, the taste of her venomous kiss.
Briefly, surrender tempts me; the safety of my cabin inside.
The ferocious fangs of the serpent not easily denied.

“I’ll not go to the depths of the awful abyss!” I defiantly cry,
But my courage short lived, as the life of a fly.
Aware of the fetal position I’ve assumed, he wickedly smiles,
Drunken with pleasure, he revels in my secret denial.

I wake from fitful sleep; the beast has stolen what’s mine.
My treasure he’ll use, against the next victim he finds.
This time able body succumbed to fragile young mind,
The next encounter, a wiser opponent he will find.

Stowed in the hull, I discover a shield and sword to defend
My precious cargo against, such an unjustifiable end.
The demon of control and I will clash in a watery dance
It will be with purpose his head removed, not merely by chance.

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