Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Heart of Rust

She wore a heart of rust,
Painfully visible on her sleeve.
Numb to violations of trust,
By a man she had once believed.

Offering an explosion of emotion,
Only craving a spark.
Years of one-way devotion,
Left her indulging the dark.

As she considered her losses,
Mind drifted to childhood things.
Although he had broken her heart;
He couldn’t weaken her wings.

Of losers, she’d seen scores,
Coercing women they date.
Breaking and entering locked doors;
Attempting to callously dominate.

Tiring of simple young boys,
Full of hormonal mistakes.
Leaving them to simpler joys,
Like puppy-dog-tails and snakes.

Gracefully lifting from her perch
She shook hands with the sky.
Beginning her onerous search,
For a kind and sensitive guy.

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