Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Sorrow a Shadow Sees

Busily we traverse through the course of our day,
Barely noticing the shade cast down in our way.
Stepping right through with no slowing of pace,
Shadows lie watching, not understanding the race.

Worry etched in the brow, and faces painted with frown,
If only they’d take notice of those who live on the ground.
He’d attempted before, to simply impart a word to the wise,
But found his breath wasted, explaining of untimely demise.

Running full speed, recklessly down the path of a short life;
The shadow grieves, as another victim is ripe for the knife.
The reaper toils feverishly as he sharpens his capable blade,
Fiendishly smiling, as he knows of the truth they’ve forbade.

Why should the shadow care for these dying lost souls?
Running through aimlessly in pursuit of worldly goals.
It is man, who’s responsible for besmirching their good name,
Unwilling accomplices; forcibly used as pawns in his game.

They are used to conceal a theft or other heinous bold act;
It is man that perpetrates the crime, selfishly using the black.
He forces them into hiding perversion, twisting their innocent intent;
Making them awful accessories, for such things as never were meant.

I feel the need to exonerate them, at least on some kind of level,
Believing their birth is divine, twisted by hands of the devil.
For often we commission them, as a cover for a devious plan
Not by their will, you see, but coerced by sinful nature of man.

May I introduce to you, my friends, the shattered pieces of night?
When in their company, my life-wrongs suddenly become right.
Offering me a source of protection, I revel in uninterrupted bliss.
All they ask is that we slow, and appreciate their company like this.

I believe we should utilize shadows in a myriad of positive ways;
Not simply stepping through them, as we traipse through our days.
They ask little of you in return, making only one meager request,
That you allow them to provide comfort, when it’s you that needs rest.

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